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We are indebted to Roger Gorringe, Santa Pod’s
longest serving trackside photographer, for providing
us with this report and some great photos of all our
European racers.
Alamo Junior Dragster sisters
Belle Wheeler
were in Las Vegas in late October, not racing but
joining in the hugely popular Fremont Street NHRA drivers and riders autograph session before the Big O
Tires NHRA Nationals kicked off at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If you wanted a hero card or
anything else with a star driver’s signature adorning it this was the place to go as literally dozens of Pro
stars were on hand for the huge queues of fans. Paige and Belle sat between Melanie Troxel and Leah
Pruett and all sorts including some strange folk came to claim a signed hero card.
Paige and Belle Wheeler - Junior Dragster