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Is there going to be a nostalgia funny car class in the near future then?
“Right now, if we walked down the pits and said who wants to build a nitro funny car,
50 people would put their hands up, but building a car and racing a car isn’t standing
on a rostrum waving a trophy, it’s a cold miserable Tuesday night in the middle of
December smashing your knuckles on a bracket. It’s awful, and when people are
confronted with that the whole thing looks very different. They’re expensive
things to run, especially if you tune them inappropriately, I think few people
would doubt the damage nitro methane can do, and the truth of the matter is I
don’t know where it’ll go, in all honesty I can see it getting to 10 or 12 cars, it
just won’t.
But you know what? So what if there’s just 2 or 3, that’s 2 or 3 cars that we don’t have now. I’m
sure Tim Garlick won’t mind me saying that we’ve got a budget to test his new car all next year,
which will amount to 30 or 35 part runs next year, and it’ll be exactly the same as it was with the
Bantam, and with the Superbird. If you want to see it run, don’t go stand at 1,000 feet because you
just won’t see it.
We’ll then obviously run it a lot harder the following year, and ultimately we’d like to take it to Bak-
ersfield, in 3 or 4 years when we’ve recovered from the initial outlay for the car, accumulated some
spares, and built up some useful contacts in the States. Whatever comes out of it comes out of it.
You may get 4 cars, but the country’s not big enough, and since it became illegal to run nitro in
sportsman racing, people have forgotten how to do it.”
Above: Nick and Rob’s beautiful Bantam altered. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we
see their own new cars on the track, but in the meantime look out for Nick Garlick’s new
nostlagia funny car, which ICE automotive hope to start testing early in the 2012 season