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show 2012
If you’ve not been
to this show before,
we’d recommend
that you make the
trip next year. Drag
racing only makes
up a small part of the
whole event, but
Santa Pod certainly
assembles a worth-
while collection of
vehicles each year.
One of the exhibits
that proved extremely
popular with show-
goers was the Project
GTO of Mark Todd.
Look out for a full fea-
ture on this car later in
the year! Visually it’s a
stunner, but when you
take into account that
it’s also tagged down
to 6 seconds and is
street legal you really
sit up and take notice!
Of course, a new
turbo car like this will
take a while to reach
its full potential. Mark
wasn’t giving much
away as to exactly
what he expects to
run, but he did say
“Any 7 will do, just as
long as it’s a sub 7.5!”
Built by webster Race
Engineering, this
2,000+ BHP, 9.5 litre
twin turbo car will be
running in Street Elimi-
nator. Awesome!
Another fascinating
exhibit was the F&A
Racing Top Fuel Drag-
ster, which will be
driven by Chris An-
Sponsored by
Lucas Oils, the team
have big plans for the
car, and are gunning
for the European Top
Fuel crown, but they
might have to wait until
next year to be in with
a really strong chance,
This car will be getting a lot of attention this season. How
quick will it run? We’ll just have to wait and see, but believe
it or not mid to low 7s are certainly on the cards!