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We put some questions to Chris
Hartnell to find out more about
him and his great looking sling
shot dragster ‘Backdraft’
A relaxed Chris Hartnell waiting in the pairing lanes
When did you get involved with Drag
Racing and how?
My first experience with Drag Racing
was when I saw a slingshot dragster in a
local Bristol Custom Car show in the ear-
ly 70’s, when I was about 10 years old. I
was instantly hooked! I first went to San-
ta Pod as a spectator at the age of 15,
and that first event was the awesome
Easter Thunderball of 1976! I was even
more hooked! But I never dreamt I
would be able to own a car ..... until I
saw an advert in 1992 in ‘Fire Up’ Maga-
zine, for a slingshot rolling chassis for a
mere £250 (which was quite a lot of mon-
ey for us at the time!). The guy sent
some pictures and we decided to buy it.
In fact it will be 20 years to the day that
we collected the car, this coming 4