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to issue 17 of
Drag Racing
By the time you read
this, you’ll probably be ei-
ther getting ready to head
to a drag strip for the
Easter break, or you’ll al-
ready be there.
I’m getting ready for a
hectic Easter, split be-
tween Santa Pod and York
Raceway. That’ll mean
some late nights and early
mornings on the road, but
it’ll be worth it. I’ve never
been to 2 different drag
race meetings in a single
weekend before, but I’m
guessing it’ll be quite an
experience! I’ve been
wanting to get to York for
a very long time, and I’m
looking forward to the trip
hugely. We’ll have a full
report of my visit in the
next issue.
We’ve pulled together
a really varied issue this
month, and we hope
there’s something in it for
everyone. We’re indebted
to our friends Julian Hunt
and Roger Gorringe for
their contributions, and as
usual their photography is
absolutley first class.
We’re also very grateful to
the racers and team mem-
bers for their continued
support and help. We
couldn’t do this without
If you see either Nigel
or myself wandering aim-
lessly about at an event,
please feel free to come
over and say hello, and
feel free also to offer any
suggestions you may have
for features, or of ways in
which we can continue im-
proving DRC.
Safe racing everyone!
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Simon Hodder
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Issue Number 17 April 2012
All material © Drag Racing Confidential 2012
Technical Editor
Nigel Holland
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Julian Hunt
is a very
talented snapper and
has joined our team as
a photographic con-
Visit his personal web
site at
Vince Gibbs
has been
drag racing for about
25 years and con-
tributes regularly to
our technical features.
Visit his site at
Team DRC 2010 - 2012
Ian Blackett
As well
as his obvious talent
with a camera, Ian has
a huge knowledge of
the sport. His personal
web site is at