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How did Nitro FM come about?
Nitro FM was Nitro AM back in the early
80s. It was set up by Julian Parsons and
Richard Nichols.
How did you, Nigel, get involved with
I originally worked at a Hospital Radio
Station where Richard Nichols worked
and he invited me to come and get
involved with Nitro AM, as it was then.
Since then I have worked for many
How did Julian get involved with
We both met at Santa Pod when we
worked for Nitro AM, we then carried on
after Richard moved to the Isle of Man
Nitro FM, Santa Pod’s own radio station, is
fronted by Nigel Fitzmaurice. He is the man that
at most big events wakes you up in the morning
and entertains you in the evenings and of course
is always on stand-by when there’s a lull in
and became good Mates. Jules has always
been a Rock.
Who else is part of the Nitro FM team?
Well it is me and Jules but we have the lovely
Kaz Aston and the evening shows are shared to
those who want to play, i.e.Nick Gay and Ian