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How long have you
been involved with
drag racing, and what
was it that made you
want to get actively in-
I got involved in drag
racing in 1977. I
came down to see
some bike racing and
I thought “I could do
better than that!” So I
built a bike and did.
The class was Street
Bike then, and I ran a
modified road going
Kawasaki. The front
tyres used on today’s
bike were as big as
the rear tyres we
used then!
When you’ve started the engine, and before you stage, the
crew are paying a lot of attention to the underside of the car.
What are they doing?
Our main problem is fuel leaks. Because we’re carrying
a lot of fuel at high pressure if there’s a small leak it
could turn into a torrent and that’s why the team are
checking underneath the car. Safety is paramount. If
there’s any kind of drip or leak then we shut the car
down and fix it before we attempt the run again.
If you’ve been to Santa Pod in recent years, you’ll almost certainly have seen FireForce 3.
This amazing jet funny car screams down the strip at most events, and is credited as being
the fastet jet funny car in the world over the 1/4 mile after reaching 336mph at the Easter
Thunderball in 2005. What you might be less familiar with is the man behind the wheel, so
we thought we’d have a chat with him on your behalf....
chats with