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Graffiti wall
Gossip, chat, rumour, personal news, whatever. Pass it on here
Welcome to the Graffiti Wall. Send us
your emails and stuff and we’ll spray it
on the wall, just so long as it isn’t going
to land us in hot water, that is!
We’ll try not to edit your words, but
being interfering old gits we probably
If you can’t be bothered to email us, get
in touch with us via Facebook or the like
instead, after all we do have to fill these
pages somehow!
Love the magazine -
great photography, and
right up my street! I
wish you all the best
with it, and if it comes
to it would be happy to
pay to subscribe if you
ever decide to charge
for it.
Jon Gwilliam
Wow!! Really good online mag with plenty of info on all aspects of the
greatest motor sport in the world. I do get Custom Car mag but this is the
first mag on drag racing only for a long time. Good luck with future issues.
Can’t wait for issue 2!
Hi Guys,
Just wanted to say the mag looks great
and congratulations to you both,
hope it goes well.
Steve & Emma
SP ET615
Just had a look at your new magazine, fantas-
tic! I’ve been visiting Santa Pod since the mid
70s and it’s great to finally have a European
dedicated to the sport (and a professionally
presented one at that!). I hope it continues.
Keep up the good work.
PS I (like many others) have plenty of old
photos should they be of interest at any time.
Haydn Tunnicliffe
Thanks Jon! We have
no plans to charge for
the mag, although it
would be so cool to be
able to afford to do it
full time!
Well done lads, cracking mag, just
read issue one and loved it.