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We’ve tried to make
Drag Racing Confidential
a true fusion between a
traditional printed maga-
zine and the internet. We’ve
tried to retain the look and
“feel” of a paper magazine,
while at the same time making
use of the sort of features
available on web sites, en-
abling us to expand the whole con-
cept of what a magazine is all about.
We have made the interface between
computer screen and magazine con-
tent as simple as possible, but first-
time readers might appreciate a little
help, so here’s a quick-start guide.
There are plenty of other features to explore,
and we’ll be introducing new things from time
to time to keep you on your toes! It’s worth
mentioning at this point that there are also in-
ternet style links on some of the magazine pages. These
allow you to access sources of further information or to
send emails directly from within a page. We’ll try to
make these features easy to spot when we use them!
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page, then simply move
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read the page
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