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Drag Racing for beginners:
Track timing systems, part 1. This month we
look at the blocks and beams on the track. Next month we’ll delve deeper
into how they are used to calculate speeds and times
Info & technical
What’s inside?
Shakespeare County Raceway’s Hot Rod Drags
It’s like going back in time!
Back into the 70s
Houndog 9 fuel funny car remembered in some of our archive photos..
Competition results
And the winner of Issue 2’s photo competition is...
issue 3
Sportsman focus 1
Everitt has been drag racing for almost 40 years. We caught
up with him at Shakespeare County Raceway to find out what he’s planning
for the future, amongst other things
Our centre pages filled with our favourite photos. This time it’s the
Pony Express
# %
$ ! " $ #
On the cover!
Andy Hadfield’s street
legal Model T
The National Finals
This event was badly affected by rain, but between the showers the assem-
bled sportsman teams did what they do best: put on some of the closest and
most competitive racing you’ll see anywhere in the world!
Sportsman focus 2
Brian Huxley is still a dedicated drag racer at the age of 68. He’s not plan-
ning on giving up any time soon, either...
The European Finals
Loud and extremely fast just about sums it up!
News from Shakespeare County Raceway
ET Bracket Gamblers Racing is here!