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Have you got anything good planned for next
year then?
I’ve got a Fuel Altered being built at the mo-
ment, but completion date is just down to fi-
nances. I’ve even got the old Hang ‘em High
body from 1972, so I’ve got the original body
that’s now been modified so it’s a real nos-
talgia car, based on the early 70s Fuel Al-
tereds. The wheelbase is only 115 inches, so
it’s a little thing.
The crank centreline to the ground on
is 8 inches, but with the new old car
it’s 17 inches, so the motor’s right up here,
and it’s short as well. I don’t think it will be
out next year though, It’ll be for 2012. I won’t
race it, I’ll just come out and have some fun
with it.