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The popularity of the
nostalgia drag racing
scene continues to
grow, and the an-
nouncement by
Santa Pod that they
will be holding a nos-
talgia event in 2011
is great news. This
new event is very
aptly named
Santa Pod are
promising a week-
end of unashamed
nostalgia, and al-
ready an impressive
lineup of cars and
drag racing person-
alities have signed
The Nostalgia
Fuel Altered Associ-
ation (NFAA), Super-
charged Outlaws,
Wild Bunch, Outlaw
Street, Outlaw An-
glias and National
Association of Super
Twins have already
indicated that they
wish to take part.
There will also be
Run What Ya Brung
(RWYB) track time,
so anyone can try
their hand at drag
racing in the tyre
tracks of some of the
sport’s great cars
and drivers. If you
plan to take part in
the RWYB, see
Santa Pod’s web site
for full details of the
documents you need
to bring with you (but
essentially they are
just your normal driv-
ing related bits of
If you’ve never
been to a drag race
before, or if you
used to but haven’t
done so for years,
then we’d suggest
you make a note in
your diary for July
16-17. It’s going to
be a real blast!
If drag racing is
new to you, it’s worth
bearing in mind that
these events don’t
take place over a
couple of hours.
They generally kick
off in the morning
and run right through
until it gets dark,
sometimes even
after dark, so you
should plan on being
at the track for a
long time if you want
to make sure you
don’t miss anything.
The action won’t
be confined to the
drag strip. There will
be club areas, his-
toric vehicle displays
and it is hoped that
the famous Allard
dragster will be fired
up for the first time
at any race track
since 1964!
Once all the ac-
tion is over on Satur-
day, the fun will
continue with live en-
tertainments, li-
cenced bar, catering
facilities and a fun-
If you buy your
tickets in advance a
full weekend ticket
(inclusive of camp-
ing) is £25, and day
tickets are £14.
Prices are slightly
higher on the gate,
with weekend tickets
costing £30 and day
tickets £17. Don’t
forget that kids
under 16 get in free
if accompanied by
an adult, so this is
certainly going to be
a great family week-
end. See ya there!
If the sort of machinary in the pictures on these
pages makes your pulse race, then the news that Santa
Pod have added a big-hitting nostalgia event to their drag racing
calendar for 2011 will be music to your ears!
New event
for 2011