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Somewhere hidden in this issue of Drag
Racing Confidential is the ‘Drag Nut’
Our friend the ‘Drag Nut’ loves drag
racing so much he’s got lost in our
magazine. To win an official DRC Polo
Shirt all you have to do is be the first to
find the ‘Drag Nut’ and tell us exactly
where he is.
However, he’s not going to be easy to
find (in fact it’s going to be very difficult),
as he looks paler and smaller than he
looks here.
So, as Shaw Taylor used to say, keep
them peeled!
Send your answer to us here at DRC
central telling us on what page and
where on the page you think the ‘Drag
Nut’ is hiding.
First email with the correct answer wins.
The second correct answer will receive a,
runner up prize, a DRC Ripper Wallet
Happy hunting!
Runner up gets a DRC Canvas Wallet
Find the ‘Drag Nut’ and win
an official DRC Polo Shirt
Runner up receives a
DRC Ripper Wallet
Who the hell is
Shaw Taylor?