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Info & technical
What’s inside?
Looking forward to 2011
Exciting developments are
taking place in 2011.
Santa Pod is running a
new nostalgia drag racing
event in July, and Shake-
speare County Raceway
will start a new Junior
Dragster race series...
Back into the 70s
3 wheels on my wagon!
Win one of our official DRC polo shirts, then once the weather warms up a bit
you walk around in real style!
issue 5
Sportsman focus 1
Carla Pittau and Rick McCann are Team Heaven and Hell. Together they
have created one of the most successful sportsman teams in Europe
Our centre pages filled with our favourite photos.
This one was taken of Mick Woollatt on his Top Fuel
bike at Santa Pod during the FIA Main Event, 2010
On the cover!
Carla Pittau reaching for
the sky in her magnificent
1970 Camaro
Sportsman focus 2
Dave Nelson and his dad built their own slingshot. It’s now running consis-
tently in the mid-8s. Here’s how they did it, and why
News from Shakespeare County Raceway
Shakespeare County’s Junior Dragster League is about to kick off
Drag Racing in Oz
Drag racing in Australia, from a UK fan’s perspective
Drag racing art
How do you capture the essence of drag racing in a painting?
Paul Whitehouse knows how...