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What’s inside?
Outlaw Anglia
A brief report from the
Outlaw Anglia awards in
January, and some of our
favourite Outlaw Anglia
photos from 2010
July 1977
Photos of some classic cars in action, from a time
when they weren’t classic cars!
Well, who was the first eagle-eyed reader to spot the Drag Nut then? We
couldn’t believe how quickly he found it!
issue 6
New car 1
Roy Walker is having a new car built. We met up with him
to find out more. It’s going to be a real head turner!
Our centre pages filled with our favourite photos.
There are some spectacular looking cars in the ranks
of the Supercharged Outlaws, and Brian Gandy’s
is a prime example
On the cover!
Rob Stone at Shakespeare
County in 2010
New car 2
Martin Hill’s new toy for 2011. Fireforce 4!
Why engines go bang!
Vince Gibbs wonders why racing engines ever work properly!
Sponsorship ain’t easy!
Nigel has a few words of encouragement and advice for teams
looking for sponsorship