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FIA Main Event
The entry list for this event was
one of the most impressive we
have ever seen. Despite rain
on the last day, we had 3 days
of fast and furious action
Fire Marshalls in action
A series of photos that show just how quickly race
marshalls react to an incident
Hauser Racing
Geof has been a key figure in drag racing since
the very early days of the sport in England. He’s
built cars, raced cars and crashed cars. We
talked to him at his workshop in Finedon,
This photo was taken in 1979, although it could
just as easily have been taken at the Main Event
this year!
On the cover!
Urs Erbacher
launches at the
Main Event
Ford Anglia Estate
Steve Taylor’s Anglia is so beautifully put together
you could be forgiven for thinking that he only dis-
plays it at classic motor shows, but you couldn’t
be more wrong...
Springspeed Nationals
Championship racing for the
sportsman classes, with a great
enty from the Juniors, kept us all
thoroughly entertained at Shakey
for the Springspeed
Class Act Part 1
Making sense of the many classes of cars and bikes you see racing in Europe
Andy Carter interview
Andy has won the European Top Fuel championship
four times. He’s also one of the few racers in the
country who can say that drag racing is his full time
job. He tells it like it is in this interview
Allard Chrysler
The great Brian Taylor penned this article specially for DRC. It’s a fascinating insight into what it has
taken to faithfully restore one of the first dragsters ever to race outside America
Above: Geof’s old Pro Mod after a big accident
issue 9