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The Gasser Wars
were waged on the
drag strips across
America during the
60s and early 70s.
Originally with a nose
high stance to aid trac-
tion, they quickly be-
came a favourite with
the crowds and pro-
moters alike.
The Gasser Circus
was founded in 2003
to promote and stay
true to the early years.
Year on year the
Gasser Circus has de-
veloped and this year
16 Gassers are signed
up to compete in the
inaugural Gasser Cir-
cus Showdown with
Round 3 being con-
tested at Dragstalgia.
The introduction of
the new Dragstalgia
event on the 16th and
17th July provided the
perfect opportunity for
Santa Pod Raceway to
invite this ever popular
class to host a round
of the championship.
With the event
being a celebration of
the early days of drag
racing at Santa Pod,
Dragstalgia and the
Gasser Circus is a
match made in heaven
so we are hoping for
another fantastic dou-
ble figure turnout from
these classic ma-
The entries from
other classes is not
looking too shabby ei-
ther and we expect ap-
proximately 7 Fuel
Altereds, over 15 Wild
Bunch Cars, over 10
Supercharged Outlaws
and a healthy entry
from the Outlaw An-
glias and Outlaw
Street Series. Of
course this is on top of
the newly introduced
Top Sportsman Class
which will be running
for the first time at
The following update
on this eagerly antic-
ipated event, taking
place over the week-
end of July 16-17,
has been released by
Santa Pod...
Above: Classic gasser styling
Above: 70s style Funny Car