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Hire this
Let your child experi-
ence the power and
thrill of drag racing
with a day’s hire of the
Shakespeare County
Raceway 5hp Junior
Stock Dragster Experi-
ence. The dragster is
now available for hire
at most Public Track
Day weekends except
for the UK National
Championship rounds
at Shakey, but can be
hired for other rounds
away from the War-
wickshire drag strip.
For a day’s hire of
£120 the day consists
of driver and parents’
tuition with a minimum
of three runs and a
maximum of 10 runs,
and race attire (suit,
helmet, gloves etc).
One day/weekend tick-
ets will be made avail-
able to parents or
partners. Additional
tickets can be pur-
chased in advance at
any one event.
To hire the SCR Junior
Dragster for a UK Na-
tional MSA 2/3 day
event is £225.00. An
MSA competition li-
cense must be held for
permit events. The
hire does not include
event entry fees! SCR
will supply a scruti-
neered car together
with race attire to MSA
requirements. The car
will have the partici-
pant’s race number af-
fixed to both sides of
the car and to rear fire-
wall, and the driver’s
name on both sides of
windscreen. No tuition
will be given at race
For as little as
£120 a day!